What Is Full Service Real Estate And Why Does It Matter?

What is the definition of “full service”? If we look at the word on Webster as an example, we’ll find it defined as offering all the necessary or expected services. Another explanation is a business that offers the full range of services for their type of business.

I was born and raised in Morocco which is considered one of the most hospitable Countries in the world. I remember when we would go to the medina to shop and were pressed for time, the store young men assistant would leave their shops to accommodate my family if we asked for items they didn’t carry. They would go to as many as 10 stores searching for it and make sure that they told the other merchants to take good care of us.. I can also remember when we would pull up to a gas station and a young man would ask us which gas we wanted, then proceed to clean the windows, check the oil and check the tire pressure. At a young age, I knew that was so nice and made all the difference in the world to feel a true VIP and to be taken care of in such a unique way.

Now when it comes to real estate, the definition becomes vague. There are many real estate firms that claim they are “full-service”. However, when it comes to defining full service real estate, it’s actually up to the consumer to decide what is really important to them.

The key factor is the structure of the consumer’s position. The real estate industry has gone through so many transformations but it remains pretty much holding to the same process. In general, the consumer has gotten used to the overall function of a real estate professional: he expects that the real estate agent has the knowledge of handling the real estate transaction, usually in a specific area or neighborhood. The agent may go the extra mile and refer the client to vendors they use such as attorneys, lenders, or inspectors which you really have a choice whom to use. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword for those Brokers who go the extra mile in representing their clients

For us at World Properties Group, the fundamental word is Service. Operating in a micro-niche requires a level of excellence that goes beyond the clients expectations that we represent. It is a choice that we make. We pride ourselves on not only handling the details of the transaction, but also making sure our clients’ lifestyle needs are taken care of via our concierge services. Also, our estate management division gives our clients that extra advantage – they assess the property before you purchase; allowing the client to have full-knowledge of the true cost of the home. Upon execution of the transaction, the concierge and estate management services are continued – not only enhancing the clients’ lifestyle but ensuring a return on the investment.

I want our clients to experience the same feeling I had as little girl shopping at the busy Medina, and the same impression I had at the gas station. You may be impressed by an agent or a firm big numbers and volume. It may lead you to believe you have to accept status quo forgetting that regardless of volume, service comes from The HEART.

Real estate is and will always be a people business. No amount of technology will replace the human element necessary for a real estate transaction. When we say we are a full-service real estate company, that element of human touch will ultimately be the determining factor in the clients’ experience. A real estate transaction is not only about the contract but the experience that comes with it.

As the consumer, you get to decide what is acceptable and what it not from the agent you choose to work with.

We look forward to service your needs.

Mona L. Cherkaoui
CEO and Managing Broker