The United States Immigrant Investor Program

EB-5 Investor Visa

This program is designed to bring and attract investments to the US and create jobs. It offers qualified foreign nationals/ investors that meet immigration requirements, a Conditional Visa. The program allows the investor to include the spouse and all children under 21 of age. Under this program, the number of applicants cannot exceed one per family. The investors’ entire family may obtain a permanent visa after the investment achieves or create the required number of jobs within a designated time frame. The rules are straight forward and set forth below:

The EB-5 investor does not need to reside where the investment is. In fact, they may choose to live anywhere in the US but NOT outside of the US.

The EB-5 investor must agree to invest $1 million dollars. A $500,000 investment is available in the limited case of rural areas or areas within counties designated by States and approved by the US Citizenship & Immigration Service as targeted economic areas with unemployment equal to or greater than 150% of the national unemployment average within the Regional Center’s approved counties and areas of investment.

The EB-5 program is administered by the US Citizenship & Immigration Service. Under this program the Regional Center introduces the investment that it proposes to generate, such as real estate developments, manufacturing, alternative energy, entertainment, assisted living, restaurants, medical, or any other job creating business opportunities. The Regional Center can cover any number of counties within one or more states as long as they are adjacent.

Another step of the process that is deemed important is what’s called a “business plan” and “economic analysis”. The USCIS is interested in knowing the details of the project or the particular investment the applicant chose to engage in which should include the number of jobs, location, cost involved, ect. The business plan has to be prepared by a qualified professional who specializes in such field. World Properties Group can assist in that aspect. The plan is usually submitted with the initial packet for the I-526/ conditional visa.

The information above is provided by Shahzad Ahmed, Esq.