Specializing In Prime Residential Properties

World Properties Group specializes in prime residential properties in Orlando and surrounding areas, where we serve as Exclusive Buyer Agents and Exclusive Seller Agents. We do manage our investors’ properties as well. We also have affiliate partners in the Miami market as Exclusive Buyer Agents and have an extensive referral network of brokers to assist clients in the sale or rental of property in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

Exclusive Buyer Agent

As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we solely represent the interests of buyers in their purchase of primary homes, second homes, land, investment property, vacation homes. Our team is available to advise you on the best properties to suit your requirements. We provide first-class, inclusive service to all of our clients that is tailored to each individual’s needs.

Our specialty is working with high end Professionals and Foreign National. It is important that a Foreign Buyer work with a real estate agent that has previously encountered the same issues that the Foreign Buyer will face. With over 50% of our business serving non-US residents, we have the required knowledge to assist Foreign Nationals in buying real estate in Orlando and Miami.

For a Step-by-Step Guide to the buying process, take a look at our Buying Guide.

Exclusive Seller Agent

As Exclusive Seller Agents, or estate agents, we solely represent the seller in the sale of residential property in Orlando. On your behalf, we will prepare and list your property for sale, market your home to other real estate professionals and buyers, and host open houses for both brokers and buyers. We use the latest cutting-edge technology in marketing our exclusive listings that combined with our international affiliate offices reach and customer base, provides your property with the greatest possible exposure.

For a Step-by-Step Guide to the selling process and to learn more on how we will assist you in selling your home, read our Selling Guide.

We do not sell Real Estate rather help create a life style of choice through proper education based on our client’s specific goals, needs, and desires. After careful listening, we start the process of educating clients on US real estate practices, local practices in Florida, real estate market performance, neighborhoods, nearby businesses, commercial buildings and school zoning. After a sound decision by the client, we bring together a strong team of attorneys, mortgage brokers, and CPAs who deal with issues facing buyers, particularly those facing Foreign Buyers.