One Of The Hottest Tourist Destinations In The World

When anyone hears of Miami, the first thing that comes to mind is South Beach and Miami Vice. 24/7 action, gorgeous beaches, throbbing nightlife, restaurants… and more.

However, Miami has undergone so many projects since the Miami vice series from high end development north of South Beach to over 23,000 condos in Downtown Miami making Miami a great place for investors wanting to own piece of the action and enjoy a glamorous lifestyle.

1. Ranked #9 in major North American Cities by the foreign Direct Investment
2. Business Friendliness
3. Diverse economy
4. Infrastructure
5. International city - 45% of visitors are from abroad where 66% are from South America (Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Germany, Venezuela)

Facts about Miami:
1. Miami has the largest concentration of foreign banks.
2. Miami has 1,400 Latin American Headquarters of multinational corporations.
3. Miami is a major television production center and the most important in the US for Spanish-language media.
4. Miami is a major music recording center.
5. Miami International Airport ranks among US airports as follows: First in International Freight; Second in International Passengers; 3rd in Total Freight; and 12th in Total Passengers.
6. The Port of Miami is one of the busiest ports in all of the US.

Downtown Miami is Evolving into a 24-7 World Class City
Downtown Miami is becoming relevant as it evolves into an entirely new city with a landscape of cutting-edge skyscrapers. Downtown Miami is now emerging as one of the country’s fastest growing urban centers; this is due to a significant increase in the population growth and commercial activity over the past years.

This is great news for investors to consider Downtown Miami because one of the most important outcomes of the residential boom for the city is that Downtown Miami is increasingly becoming a destination, which means a robust economic growth that will, in turn, fuel further developments.