Sell & Lease Variety Of Commercial Properties

At World Properties Group, we understand today’s inter-connected world. We appreciate that many of our clients sell or purchase a variety of properties both residential and commercial. After all, it’s not all-residential or all-commercial real estate scenery anymore. A new real estate brokerage model is required, a brokerage that can serve all of a client’s needs in-house.

We Sell And Lease Large Variety Of Commercial Properties

World Properties Group excels in complete client servicing in all aspects of real estate. We really are a full-service broker, offering our clients expertise in both residential and commercial real estate services. We always add to our team the finest and the brightest from both practices to serve our clients, We offer commercial services that include but not limited to selling and leasing a variety of property types including airport hangers, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, raw land and more.

When you employ World Properties Group as your broker, you’ll experience the ease and security of having all of your real estate needs addressed by one brokerage, seamlessly, in-house. Contact us today by calling 407-574-5920 or by filling out the form below.


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